Sales BootCamp

Sales BootCamp will help make this happen.

If you’re currently feeling:

   Sure you can do so much better than what you’re doing now
   Desperate to break out as the agent of choice in your area
   Keenly aware that you need to learn new skills to stay ahead of your competition
Ready to build a team and grow your results with the help of an assistant
   Unclear why certain strategies haven’t worked for you
   Unsure how to move forward to your next big stage of growth
Aware that not enough of your time is being spent generating new business
Out of the loop with your community and aware you’re missing opportunities

But you’d love to feel:

   Happy seeing more sales than ever before on the board
   Proud of your results you’re achieving
   Energised by the momentum you’re creating
   Recognised as the stand out agent in your area
   Structured, knowing that you’re mastering all 6 core questions of your business
   Passionately growing your business base in your community
   Spending your time on dollar-productive activities that help you advance your business
Empowered with new strategies at your fingertips
Balanced in your business and your life

Think about what it would mean for you to confidently work smarter, win more listings, sell more property, become more tuned in to your market than your competitors and become the clear Number One Agent in your area… Sales BootCamp has the power to help you achieve this goal.

At Sales BootCamp you will be guided step-by-step through six powerful questions all around creating your best possible real estate goals:

  1. How to powerfully generate listing opportunities into your pipeline
  2. How to nurture those opportunities so they are ready to list
  3. How to differentiate and win the listing
  4. How to create powerful sell through – DOM & Sale price
  5. How to build your profile and your network
  6. How to have fun and enjoy the ride!

If you think that just one of these strategies alone could change your results, you’d be right…imagine what a full two days of strategies could do for you.

At Sales BootCamp you will be able to work over 2 full days on your success strategies, all designed to propel you into the next big stage of growth.

The agent who learns, plans and implements becomes the most capable, skilled and successful agent in the market…and that agent becomes the clear agent of choice!

You might be enjoying a healthy momentum in your business and you’re ready to hone your skills, take a massive leap in improving key skills so you can stay far ahead of your competition…if this sounds like you, Sales BootCamp is a brilliant space to design your next big phase in business.

You might be new to real estate and want to shave years off your learning to grow your business and results fast. Sales BootCamp will provide you with the platform to launch your business and build a brilliant level of success.

Or you might be a “rising star” with a few years of real estate selling under your belt, but you’re now looking beyond your current level of performance and want to identify “the edge” that will make all the difference to your growth. Sales BootCamp will give you this edge + the confidence and belief in your ability so you can enjoy a breakthrough in your results.

Whatever stage of business you’re in right now, Sales BootCamp will be able to help you make some big changes and step into the next level of growth and results.

Each Sales BootCamp sells out so be sure to get in fast and ENROL NOW!

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